80 lower

80% Lower Laws, Changes & Updates

80% lowers have become a staple of modern gun ownership, and for good reason too. They are often found cheaper than complete firearms, they invited the challenge of building a unique AR-15 without the unnecessary government intervention that comes into play with complete firearms, and are not terribly difficult to build. It cannot be understated that the building of 80% lowers has become its own hobby within the gun community which people of all socioeconomic statuses can enjoy. 

Recently though, there have been some changes that will critically alter the development of the 80 lower industry. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms recently issued a new ruling in the federal register that would effectively ban the sale and private manufacture of 80% receiver blanks. The ATF Ruling 2021r-05f was ruled on April 11th 2022, and will be made effective on August 24th, 2022. 

Will 80 Lowers be Grandfathered?

The term grandfathered, refers to a piece to an item manufactured before the date a regulation was made effective. A close example of this would be the sale of fully automatic firearms manufactured by for the year of 1968, pursuant to the Gun Control Act of  1968, which outlawed the ownership of fully automatic firearms. The act does not extend its jurisdiction to firearms made before its effective date meaning there is a category of fully automatic firearms available to the general public, albeit at much higher prices. 

The current ruling for 80% lower receiver blanks will expressly require any and all 80% lower built firearms without serial numbers to be turned in to local Federal Firearms Licensees to either be sold or serialized with an ATF approved serial number. This is done by the nature of the ruling, which does not inherently act as a ban towards 80% lowers, but changes the definition of firearm to incorporate what would be 80% lowers as firearms. 

The summary of the ATF ruling on the ATF website notes that firearms with split frames built from 80% lowers will be legal on the requirement that they are marked with a serial number in accordance with the ruling’s requirements. 

Does 80 Lowers Require Serial Numbers?

Currently, 80% lowers do not require serial numbers because until this ruling, they had not been legally considered firearms. In fact, the ruling is specifically a ruling that governs how the ATF will interpret its own regulations. The ATF Ruling 2021r-05f is not an actual piece of legislation, but must be adhered to in order to stave off a ten year prison sentence. 

80% lowers will not only require serial numbers, but they will not be able to be purchased by an individual to be serialized at a later date. 80% lowers will be serialized by the FFL licensee that has either manufactured it or has it available for retail. 

Types of Available 80 Lowers

There are a few kinds of 80% lowers. The first kind is that of the AR-15, which is a split receiver, meaning that the receiver is split into two parts that control the core functions of the receiver. The AR platform is available in many different calibers making this one of the most versatile firearms to build from an 80% lower receiver

The AK-47 lower receiver is not really an 80% lower receiver as it requires the firearm to be  built in its entirety rather than just the milling out of the fire control group. The gun itself is designed to be durable, therefore it is made using tools much harder to come by than those of the AR-15. 

Polymer handgun 80% lowers, like those of the popular company, Polymer 80 are another example of 80% lowers. Modeled after the Glock OEM, Polymer 80 lowers are compatible with factory OEM and aftermarket products. These 80% lowers only require a dremel tool and a hand drill to build. 

Which states are 80 lowers illegal?

  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Connecticut
  • Rhode Island
  • Washington
  • Washington DC
  • Hawaii
  • California

Break down the STATES and it’s laws regarding 80 lowers.

New Jersey

80% lowers are illegal in NJ. The Attorney General, Gerbir Grewal in 2018 issued a letter addressed to the Gun parts manufacturers demanding that the halt of 80% lowers sales in the state. 

New York

Like New Jersey, Leititia James, the Attorney General issued a cease and desist letter to gun parts manufacturers in September, 2019, halting the selling of receiver blanks to New York Residents. 


Washington state legislators passed a state bill that banned untraceable firearms, namely those that can easily pass through metal detectors. While the bill does not expressly ban 80% lowers, polymer 80s and those without the required amount of metal are illegal. 


80% lowers are legal in California, but only rifles. Pistols are not legal to be built from scratch by someone who is not an FFL. The state also requires that 80% lowers are serialized upon being built. 

Washington D.C. 

The mayor of D.C passed the “Ghost Guns Prohibition Emergency/Temporary Amendment Act Of 2020.” The bill amends an established law that includes 80% lowers in a list of prohibited firearms. 

Rhode Island

Rhode Island passed the Julie Cardinal Act after a shooting. This bans the sale and ownership of “ghost guns” or un-serialized and untraceable firearms. 80% lowers are banned from being sold in the state to its residents, and the manufacture of 3D printed guns is prohibited as well. 


In 2020, Hawaii passed  HB 2744 H.D. 1 S.D. 2 which prohibits the manufacture purchase or obtaining of firearm parts for the purpose of assembling a firearm that has no serial number. The manufacture of 3D printed guns is also illegal according to state law. 

Are 80 lower Jigs illegal?

80% lower jigs are not illegal as they are not regulated by the ATF or any state law. Some states do however have bans on certain methods of making firearms at the home, especially revolving around the use of 3D printing. The ATF Ruling 2021r-05f does not specifically say anything about Jig kits themselves, but seeing as people will not be able to build 80% lowers from their homes anymore, jigs kits may suffer a similar fate. 

Should you buy an 80 lower?

Buying 80% lowers as they are now will not be available soon. Even still, purchasing an 80% lower and building it will still be possible, but on the date that the ruling becomes effective, the build will need to be serialized. 80% lowers are currently still cheaper than purchasing a complete firearm because the law has not been taken into effect yet, however, this will change come August 24th. It is still worth it to be an 80% lower currency despite it needing to be serialized in the near future. Get them while you can!


Needless to say, gun control has become much stricter with the ATF ruling 2021r-05f. In what seems like just a method to reduce the 80% building hobby to zero, the ATF and the Biden administration has seen fit to change the definitions of many things revolving around the private manufacture of firearms sales. Whether this ruling will last or not in future administrations remains to be seen, though recent Supreme Court rulings have been in favor of the second amendment. 

Glock 19 upper

How to build a perfect Glock 19 upper?

How to build a perfect Glock 19 upper? Building your own custom gun is getting more and more popular everyday. Everyone has creativity, even gun fanatics need to express their creativity sometimes. No better way than building your own custom Glock. The perfect Glock 19 upper is really dependent on you and your preference. Many factors come into play when choosing your slide, barrel and even your upper parts kit. A few of these factors include type of metal, quality, weight,and price. We recommend checking out 80-lower.shop – Glock Compatible Parts for all these aftermarket parts.

Choosing the perfect Glock 19 upper

When building a perfect Glock 19 upper this includes barrel,slide and upper parts kit. Even though stock components work fine. There are many benefits to aftermarket upgrades. We recommend that you upgrade or choose your barrel out first. This is because it’s often overlooked but can be the most important part of your Glock 19. Glock factory barrel doesn’t recommend the use of lead bullets, this is because it builds up to unsafe levels in the rifling when shooting lead. Most aftermarket barrels allow lead bullets. Of course there are more benefits to upgrading your barrel than just this. Many aftermarket barrels are threaded, which means you can add attachments like suppressor, muzzle break etc. Also some barrels are spiral fluted, this allows for the barrel to stay cooler and keeps your Glock more accurate for longer periods of time.

Next up is an aftermarket slide, the easiest to switch out and the most cosmetically pleasing to add. When choosing your slide it’s really your preference but we recommend you keep these details in mind. The standard Glock slide is often plain and heavy. Our favorite slide is windowed and skeletonized for grip. Recommended checking out 80-lower.shop – Glock Compatible Parts for the exact slide I’m talking about. I like the Skeletonized slide Gen 3 for many reasons. The windowed feature is good for weight reduction and exposes the barrel. The last part to complete your perfect Glock 19 upper is choosing an upper parts kit. The standard Glock upper parts kit is reliable but often hard to get and over priced. We recommend an aftermarket Glock 19 upper parts kit on 80-lower.shop – Glock Compatible Parts.

Hope this helps and answers your question when building a perfect Glock 19 upper. When choosing standard Glock components or aftermarket we always recommend going aftermarket. The quality and reliability of the parts are on the same level. While giving you many more benefits than the standard parts. Also let’s be honest the Glock 19 is reliable and great for self defense but it could use some help in the looks department. That’s why building your own Glock with parts you want, allows for more customization and an all around better handgun. Visit 80-lower.shop – Glock Compatible Parts for the highest quality aftermarket Glock parts, P80 build kits and more.

80 Lower

Why Should You Buy 80 Percent Lower Receiver?

Table of content

  • What is 80 percent lower receiver?
  • Benefits of the 80 percent lower receiver
  • What can I get in 80 percent lower?
  • Why not buy 100% completed lower?

What is the purpose of 80 percent lower receiver? Why should you buy one? With the ever-increasing clutch of gun control laws in the United States, it is getting harder and harder for law-abiding citizens to express their second amendment rights. Gun sales across the nation have been targeted leaving businesses to ask a little more than they should when it comes to retail. That’s on top of whatever fees and background checks customers must engage with. 80% lower receivers have been and are the solution to whatever problems you might be facing with a 100% complete firearms.

What is 80 percent lower receiver?

The term 80 lower is more of an umbrella term referring to guns that are not yet complete with what requirements that would legally define it as a firearm under the National Firearms Act of 1934. This act is the legal document which defines firearms, whether they are pistols, rifles, SBRs, or Any Other Weapon.

Benefits of the 80 percent lower receiver

  • Protects your constitutional right of privacy
  • Fully custom to your needs (no more mediocre name brand AR’s or aftermarket Glocks, you get to build your own)
  • Building 80 percent lower receiver can give you better understanding of how your rifle or pistol works
  • Legal to build in most states (check your state laws before buying one)
  • Building a 80 lower receiver is extremely patriotic and very supportive of 2nd amendment.

80 lowers are offered on a lot of platforms including Glock platform well as most popular Armalaite platform. Polymer 80 is the leading 80 lower manufacturer regarding Glock platform,

What can I get in 80 percent lower?

The AR-15 platform popularized the 80 lower market. Many different companies have pushed these lowers into the market, providing 80 percent build kits and accessories to go along with these lower receivers. However, the AR-15 along with its variants, the AR-10 and AR-9 are not the only 80% lowers out there. Polymer 80, a company that specializes in polymer lower receivers, develops frames to a variety of polymer frame handguns, mainly by Glock. In this way, people can experience the reliability of Glocks platform, with customization quality of the aftermarket, without any interference from the government.

Why not buy 100% completed lower?

100%ers are still viable for purchasing. However, citizens who want to protect their 4th amendment rights as well as their 2nd should be going the 80% route. That is because much of the market for each kind of lower is the same. Stocks, grips, lower parts kits, optics are all the same whether you buy an 80% lower or not. You don’t have to worry about spending extra, and if you buy 80% lowers online there is no transfer fee since it is sent directly to your house. With 100% AR-15 lower receivers, background checks, transfer fees, and long shipping times are all to present.

From AR-15s to Polymer 80s, the 80% market is continuously growing with new innovations. Epicenters for gun control like California and New York act as catalysts for new innovations to come to the market. Buying an 80% lower is making a statement against unjust gun control laws. P80.biz can help you pick whatever kind of voice that represents your frustration with crappy gun laws in whatever color or caliber you want.

Notice: we are not lawyers you still need to check your State and Local laws. Shop 80-lower.shop today get your 80 percent lower!


Where are P80 Legal?

are P80 legal in most states? Short answer is Yes. You do need to check with your state laws, as it can vary from state to state. Its important to fully understand your local laws as it can be slightly confusing. Its also important that you are in full compliance and not doing anything illegal. This stands for all 80% gun products, not just for Polymer 80. With that said P80 are still very popular to buy and assemble in the United States. If you do build a P80 in a legal state and decide to transfer a finished firearm to another individual. Do your own research, as again the law varies depending on your local and state laws. Be extra careful and make sure you protect yourself before giving another individual a completed firearm. For any firearm transfer its your responsibility to understand the local and federal laws and how they apply.

Where are P80 illegal?

Polymer 80 are illegal in these following states:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Hawaii
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Washington

Why are P80 illegal in some states?

Each state is different depending on the laws but here are some examples:

A fully assembled P80 is illegal in Massachusetts. How ever its different for the kit. Massachusetts is known to have relatively strong gun laws that don’t apply to the kits because they are not considered firearms by the state or federal government. But keep in mind once you assemble the P80 it then becomes a firearm that has to be registered with the state. The reason P80 are illegal is because the firearm does not obtain a serial number to register with the state.

Why cant you order a P80 in California? California is different in that fully assembled or 100% P80 are legal if the firearm obtains a serial number to be registered. In California you can not order a P80 kit how it comes simply because the lower receiver does not have a serial number. California requires firearms to be registered before they enter the state. If you live in California and would still like to own a P80, then make sure there is a serial number already on the P80 or you’ll have to get the 80% lower serialized before it enters California. Please do your own research as laws change all the time.

Where to buy a P80?

Before you consider buying a P80 make sure you understand all local and state laws in your area. As 80% lower laws will most likely be changing in the future. P80 are still and have been a great way for you to exercise your 2nd amendment right and a great experience in the assembly process. For high quality 80 percent lower I highly recommend P80.biz . They also have the best selection on colors and caliber of your choosing.

Notice: we are not lawyers you still need to check your State and Local laws.

Are Polymer80 Products Legal? As it stands right now, yes, Polymer80 products are absolutely legal under federal law. This extends to all 80% gun products, and not just the Polymer80 brand.

Important Article: AFT Final Ruling 2021R-05F Summarized


Are P80 Reliable?

Are P80 reliable? The P80 PF940C is closely compared to the Glock 19. As you may know Glocks are known to be very reliable and great handguns all around. P80 PF940C are just as reliable or more reliable then Glock 19. Here is why, P80 PF940C are built with similar high quality parts as the Glock 19. Another reason P80 are more reliable is because the firearm is fully customizable to your liking. This factor allows you to change the components you dislike and replace with something better.

Why are PF940C P80 reliable?

When it comes to firearms the fewer the parts the more reliable and less can go wrong. This is very important when choosing a gun design. When a gun has lots of moving parts, the more parts there is to break. Like the Glock, P80 PF940C doesn’t have many moving parts. The design is super simple and this is on purpose. This allows the gun to be easy to use, meaning there is less that can go wrong. The P80 PF940C doesn’t feature any manual safety features just like the Glock. This is another example of such few parts and a really simplicity design. They still have a trigger safety, drop safety, and even a firing pin safety. This simply prevents the weapon from firing unless trigger is physically pulled.

Why choose the P80 PF940C over a Glock?

PF940C Is closely compared to the Glock 19 in almost every way. The reasons P80 PF940C is a better option then the Glock 19 is simply for the unforgettable experience of building your own and the customization that the P80 offers. By choosing the P80 you gain the experience of building and understanding your firearm in a way you haven’t before. P80 are extremely simple to assemble and gives you the option in the future to change anything you dislike. Having a 1 0f 1 customized P80 “Glock” is always a cool thing to have. Another factor of the P80 that most people desire. Unlike Glock’s, P80 comes with no serial number. Yes, its legal in most states and is a really cool way to exercise your 2nd amendment right.

Are P80 PF940C good for carry?

Yes, just like the Glock 19 the P80 PF940C is a good option for carry. It is legal to carry in most states, but most don’t recommend it. The reason is because P80 don’t obtain a serial number. That’s a problem if you ever get stopped by law enforcement and have to explain why your firearm doesn’t have a serial number.

Where to buy a P80?

Before you consider buying a P80 make sure you understand all local and state laws in your area. As 80% lower laws will most likely be changing in the future. P80 are still and have been a great way for you to exercise your 2nd amendment right and a great experience in the assembly process. For high quality 80 percent lower I highly recommend 80 lower shop. They also have the best selection on colors and caliber of your choosing.

Notice: we are not lawyers you still need to check your State and Local laws.

best P80 accessories

What are the best P80 accessories?

Best p80 accessories? As you may know the P80 handgun is a replica of the Glock 19. The Glock 19 and P80 are almost identical as they share the same Glock parts and components. The only difference is that the P80 has a custom frame, separate from the Glock brand. This means the P80 is compatible with all the accessories Glock 19 has to offer and more. We recommend starting out with a few simple modifications that could help you out tremendously. Many accessories are often overlooked and underestimated. The Glock 19 and P80 are the most commonly used pistols on the market today. With that said it’s also one of the most common guns to carry. That’s why we recommend starting out with accessories such as a P80 holster and a flashlight for your P80 frame. We recommend checking out 80-lower.shop for the highest quality and best P80 accessories.

What are the best parts to upgrade on your P80?

The best thing about owning a P80 is how customizable they are. The P80 is best for testing modifications and trying out new accessories. If you are thinking of purchasing accessories for your own P80, then consider these accessories or upgrades for better shooting at the range or even competitions. Optics for most people are the first place they start and it is an option to consider, however it’s in your best interest to master the iron sights first before applying any aftermarket sights to your P80. We also recommend upgrading your barrel to a spiral fluted barrel. This barrel allows you to shoot more rounds, while keeping the barrel slightly cooler longer for accuracy. This barrel also offers an upgrade cosmetically for your P80 and adds a look many don’t have. The next upgrade on the list is an upgraded slide. The reason we recommend upgrading your slide is not only for cosmetic purposes but because the slide has extra grip for more tactical use. These slides are often lighter, for more control and accuracy. The other common upgrades we recommend considering are upgraded triggers and extended magazine.

In conclusion these are the best P80 accessories to upgrade. These upgrades we recommend are not essential for the P80. The fully stock P80 is amazing how it comes and really doesn’t need to be upgraded. But if you decide to upgrade or add any accessories to your P80, we recommend checking out 80-lower.shop for the best p80 accessories.


Is P80 Legal To Carry?

Is P80 legal to carry? The short answer is yes, but most don’t recommend it. The P80 replicates the Glock® series handgun with the same frame in form, the same build and function. From first glance you can’t see a difference between the two.The P80 lower or P80 frame kit are the only components that are not Glock brand. This is what makes the Glock® series and P80 different. The P80 closely resembles the Glock 19. However the reason it’s not recommended for carry is simply because the P80 frame kit does not come with serial numbers.

How are P80 legal for concealed carry?

How is the P80 legal? This may come as a shock to you, but even though the P80 lower does not obtain a serial number. The handgun is still legal to own and assemble in most states. As it stands right now Polymer 80 is absolutely legal to own under federal law. This is because the federal law does not see the p80 frame kit and other parts as a firearm. Once assembled into a firearm most states don’t require any serializing to a complete kit. Some P80 owners still utilize their P80 for concealed carry, however if you get stopped by law enforcement you will have to explain why your firearm doesn’t have a serial number.

Why choose a P80 over a Glock?

It’s true you could just walk into any gun store buy a Glock and call it a day. But like everything there are pros and cons. In my opinion the P80 has way more to offer over the Glock. To just name a few of the pros P80 has to offer is experience in assembly, customization, more affordable and more upgradable to your preference. By purchasing a P80 you are getting everything the Glock has to offer and more. You don’t just get to assemble your firearm but you also get that hands-on experience of knowing how your firearm operates. With this experience in your arsenal you can easily upgrade your P80 components to what you prefer in the future. If you are interested in learning more about P80 or ready to purchase a kit, I recommend visiting 80-lower.shop/ for the highest quality P80 and Glock parts. Learn more on your own on why the P80 is legal.

Notice: we are not lawyers you still need to check your State and Local laws.


P80 Glock Vs. the Glock 19

Why choose the P80 Glock over the Glock 19? As you may know the P80 is a replica of the Glock 19. The only difference between the two is that the P80 has its own frame, separate from the Glock brand. Nowadays you can essentially build almost any firearm from scratch using aftermarket parts. The most common P80 is built off of all 80 Glock 19 parts, except the frame comes from P80. It’s really important to choose reliable parts when building your P80. That’s why Glock parts are most common to use. We recommend checking out Polymer 80 Build Kits From P80.biz The reason people choose the P80 Glock over the Glock 19 is most commonly for these reasons. The P80 is just as reliable as the Glock 19 (if assembled properly), extremely customizable, easily upgradeable and the experience you gain by building your own firearm. 

Why choose the P80 Glock over the Glock 19?

P80 Glock over Glock 19? If I were to put a Glock 19 and a p80 side by side. You would have to look very closely to see the difference. Even though that is true, the P80 has a lot more to offer then the Glock. As a gun enthusiast and someone that loves guns. I appreciate owning a P80 over the Glock 19 a lot more. There is just something about owning a firearm you built and understanding the firearm in and outs first hand. Because the P80 must be assembled and is very easy to assemble (20-30 minutes max) you understand the gun’s functionality and how the P80 is put together. This also allows you to be more confident when wanting to upgrade or clean a certain part of your P80. This brings me to my favorite part of owning a P80. When taking any firearm to the shooting range, you will find things you like and dislike about each gun. When it comes to the P80 it’s different, when shooting your P80 and if you find something you dislike about it. You can simply change out the parts and upgrade to something more suited for you. 

Where to get started?

Next time you’re looking for a new Glock or a new gun to purchase, we recommend giving the P80 a shot. You’ll understand why the P80 Glock over the Glock 19. Since the Glock 19 is the most common firearm to conceal carry, this means you will have endless options when considering upgrading your P80. If you’re anything like me and like having custom items. Then there is nothing better than owning a custom glock built by you.

When looking for a place to buy your full P80 kit we recommend these Polymer 80 Build Kits: P80 Glock 19

Understanding How AR15 Uppers Work and Why You Need One

The AR-15 upper. Most of them work in similar fashion to each other and I guess that is obvious. The AR-15 upper, in this case, refers to the upper portion of the AR-15 which houses the barrel and gas system, as well as the bolt and rail system. They are the most easily interchangeable portions of the AR-15 because they do not carry any serial numbers. n upper contains

  1. a charging handle,
  2. delta ring assembly
  3. gas tube
  4. gas block
  5. dust cover
  6. hand guard
  7. Barrel
  8. flash hider
  9. and forward assist.

While there is a basic setup for all AR-15 uppers that are composed of the parts above, there are  a few variations in which many AR-15 owners  choose to customize their AR-15s.

The Style of AR-15 uppers

There are 4 distinct versions of the AR-15 upper receiver that people can take advantage of, whether going for a more high performance build or a more classic AR style look.

A1 and A2. Those who prefer a more classic look to their ARs go for these because they both feature the  AR-15 carry handle. These usually require an optic that is lifted or one that is attached to the barrel if the hand guard is also on that more classic design.

The Flat top uppers, or the A3 and A4 uppers are practically built to house whatever accessories you want. Although many would advise against strapping a single build with all the fixings, in favor of a more specialized build, the possibilities are nearly endless with these two upper receivers.

The Forward Assist

The forward assist’s purpose in modern civilian rifles has been the topic of a lot of debate, as it is essentially a tool designed for situations where a complete field strip can’t be done. In combat situations, the forward assist is a valuable asset, as if dirt and debris clog the action, the forward assist allows the user to manually push the bolt forward and chamber another round. This usually  helps clear up the  debris in the action, allowing the AR to be fired as normal. However, for those who think it is a useless addition, some uppers come without it.

Charging handle

The charging handle is used to pull the bolt back in order to chamber the first round. After that, it is all up to the gas system to cycle the action.

The charging handle is one of the more useful tools on an AR-15. However many would agree that the stock charging handle on an AR-15 is not a specialized piece in any way. Fortunately the aftermarket is home to many different variations of the charging handle that make it much easier to rack that action.

T Marks

The T marks on an upper receiver are made for measuring locations on the upper in order to more efficiently mount accessories. They are called T marks because the markings are at the top of the upper receiver on the picatinny rail.

Delta Ring Assembly

This area of the AR-15 is very important, as it is the location in which the barrel is connected to the upper. Not only that, but the handguard, which is meant to protect the hand from heat and provide extra mounting capabilities for optics relies on a securely built upper. This part of the upper is composed of the:

  • delta ring
  • barrel nut
  • weld spring
  • barrel snap ring


The AR-15 is made completely of metal and polymer. And while metallurgy and polymer manufacturing have definitely come a long way since the AR-15 was first designed, such a combination doesn’t insulate against heat very well, especially when there is nothing between the hand and the barrel. That is where the handguard comes in. Its sole purpose is to be held  by the user and protect against the heat created by constant firing. Handguards were primarily made in polymer, however, with the grade of polymer back then, and even to this day, they cannot be useful for protecting against heat as well as securely holding whatever accessories you want. It’s just too much to ask for the material.

And while Aluminum is able to do both to an extent, aluminum is still a metal, and is naturally a conductor of heat. There are handguards which make use of the metallurgical and polymer advancements to create more insulated handguards in the aftermarket.

Gas tube

The gas tube is responsible for sending a portion of the gas that has expanded inside the barrel back to the bolt, which provides enough energy to cycle the next round. In this way, the AR-15 is a gas powered firearm, different from other systems which use the blowback, or a piston in order to cycle the next round.

Never cheap out on the components of a gas system as they are the only thing making the gun a semi automatic action.

Flash hider

The flash hider screws onto the muzzle of the barrel, which should be threaded already. Its purpose, especially on ARs that have shorter barrel lengths than the standard 16” is to hide the flash of the muzzle. A round that is fired is also pushing out the remains of gunpowder that has yet to be burnt up and not all of the powder burns up inside of the barrel, creating the muzzle flash that we all know and hate. The flash hider reduces the flash an AR might create which makes it a must have battle implementation, especially on night time excursions. Understanding how the AR-15 operates is very important. This knowledge will help you to define the standard an AR-15 upper should be achieving, and therefore help you raise the bar on your own personal build when it comes to customize and optimize.

How to build an AR-15 pistol?

The AR-15 is a great platform for many reasons. It is a modular platform, allowing for many different attachments to be installed on it. Optics, grips, stocks and much more can be bought in the aftermarket to personalize and maximize the efficiency of your AR-15 build. They are largely accessible on the internet as many different companies supply AR-15 parts and kits to make for easier building. You don’t have to buy an AR-15 in one piece. Because many of the pieces are interchangeable, you can buy whole kits or an array of parts that people have for sale online. Not only is it easily accessible online, but it’s also one of the cheapest rifles to get, making it a first choice for many new gun owners.

It is a great entry level firearm because of the relatively cheap and recoil friendly ammunition it uses. However, this carbine rifle also comes in fun size, if 24” of lightly constructed aluminum and polymer were just a little big for your tastes. The AR-15 pistol, seen on the same spectrum as any handgun you might own, is what you are looking for. However, there are some legal constraints you should know about before getting into one. So here is how to build an AR-15 pistol legally.

What is not legal ?

The AR-15 is great because its platform is able to ride the line of rifle or pistol pretty freely except for a few criteria that would label it as an AOW. AOW is an acronym for the legal term “Any Other Weapon,” meaning any other weapon that is not considered a rifle, pistol or shotgun, pursuant of the National Firearms Act of 1934. In this act, the legal definitions, and therefore criteria for what constitutes a rifle, pistol, shotgun and SBR are made clear. Exceeding or not meeting these criteria could land you in the slammer for quite some time if you don’t have the appropriate tax stamp for your AOW. 

How long can your barrel be?

The first and easiest step to building an AR-15 pistol is the barrel. This also entails the gas system which I will also talk about. The barrel length must be shorter than 16” and getting even shorter than that will help you avoid any nefarious eyes that might get the ATF called on you. The barrel is the essential part of this  setup because it directly affects the overall length of the AR-15.

As a disclaimer, you should know that the AR-15 is not designed for a barrel length under 16”. Because of this, the gas system and the barrel will both wear out in about half the amount of shots it might take on a regular sized barrel. Take that worth a grain of salt though, as many different factors can influence barrel and gas system health. A good tip for maximizing the use on your AR-15 pistol would be to use ammo with a lighter load, and to not use the stock gas system you might get from the kit you buy. Especially if you buy an upper that is already assembled, they generally come out overgassed and this is not something you want if the health of your gas system matters to you.

Recoil is not  necessarily an issue with the AR-15 pistol, because the .223 rem and the 5.56×45 NATO are very light rounds already. The frame is heavy enough, and your buffer also helps dissipate a lot of the recoil even the more of the energy is coming out. And do us all a favor: USE A FLASH HIDER.

No stock on an AR-15 pistol?

 A pistol cannot have a stock. It also can’t have an adjustable stock or adjustable apparatus that aids in shouldering the gun as guns with stocks are meant to be shouldered. While there have been some iffy letters on the subject of shouldering an AR-15 pistol, the consensus from the ATF is that it is completely legal to shoulder a pistol.

So what can you use if you can’t use stock? Fins and braces are the best and while they are not technically stocks, you can shoulder them with some degree of comfort. The SBA 3 brace is one of the more popular braces out there. It was originally designed for use by amputees to be able to securely hold the firearm when firing with one hand. It was pretty immediately popularized as its construction helped keep a more tactical appearance on peoples shortened AR-15s without having to pay for a $600 tax stamp.

What attachments can’t you have on an AR-15 pistol?

The AR-15 is prized for its ability to accept many different attachments on  many different mounting systems. However, if you go the route of building an AR-15 pistol, certain attachments will not be available to you.  Vertical Forward grips are illegal to attach to your AR-15 pistol as such an attachment will classify the firearm as an AOW which requires a tax stamp in order to legally own. C grips and angled fore grips are completely fine as they aid in stability of the firearm, because let’s be honest, we know we aren’t actually firing the weight equivalent of a common handgun.

No Modifying what’s already built

The last thing that you cannot do in order to build an AR-15 pistol  is modify an already manufactured firearm. Ergo, you cannot take your AR-15 rifle you bought, disassemble, buy a new barrel, slap it on and call it day. That kind of stuff requires a manufacturers license, something gun buyers aren’t just carrying around. If you are going to build an AR-15 pistol,  play it safe and purchase the  correct parts from trusted companies online.

While you might think there are a lot of restrictions on the AR-15 pistol, that is because there are. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other things you are capable of doing with them. Since they are legally defined as handguns, they are concealable on your person or in your car with  a concealed weapons permit.

AR-15 pistols are great for close quarters self defense situations. They are smaller and ultimately lighter than their carbine rifle counterparts. If you are looking for a quality AR-15 look no further than  for all your AR pistol needs.