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GST-9: 80% Pistol Build Kit


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We’re excited to report that the upgrades in our injection molding process have allowed us to significantly boost our production capacity of GST-9 frames. Many of you have already received a shipping notification. We’re excited to see the acceleration in output, and it’s only getting better!

Currently, we are working to ship out orders up to June 25th 2020 for Wraith Build kits, and Casper/Shadow Slide orders made in the same time frame by 8/27/2021. Orders containing only a Black or FDE GST-9 Frame, and Jig are caught up to January 2021! If you ordered your build kit ahead of that date, we are happy to ship you your frame & jig now and will complete your shipment when your time comes up in the queue.

Orders will be filled even more quickly than previously demonstrated with higher production capacity. We will continue to release updated shipping timelines to keep you informed.

We are anxiously working to produce these items as fast as we can with the current shortages in the nation. We are excited that we are making headway despite this and look forward to seeing everyone’s orders being fulfilled! Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Due to overwhelming demand, and limited resources within the industry on key components, we have decided to temporarily pause the sale of GST-9 Build Kits. This does not affect orders already placed, and we will continue to ship those as fast as we are able. We look forward to making this product live again, but until then, our GST-9 frames are still available for your own custom build!



The complete GST-9 pistol kit is everything you need to build a top-tier handgun, at a production level price. Engineered from the ground up to capitalize on all the strengths of the Generation 1-3 Glock® platform, while also incorporating the most common aftermarket upgrades as standard features, we’ve created a pistol that not only ships straight to your door, but outshoots you everyday of the week.

Every GST-9 Pistol comes with:

  • The GST-9 Modular Frame
  • GST-9 Grip Extension
  • The Wraith RMR Cut Slide – Completed
  • Black, Straight-Fluted, Match-Grade G19 Barrel
  • G19 Lower Parts Kit

All that’s left for you to buy is one of our top-of-the-line GST-9 Jigs! Our goal was for you to be able to go from opening the mail, to a competition or defense ready pistol in under 15 minutes. As always, our products are backed by our Lifetime Warranty!

Due to recently changed ATF regulations, we cannot legally include the jig or frame rails with the GST-9 frame. The jig and GST-9 frame must be purchased on our website as two separate items. Each jig includes one set of GST-9 frame rails. You will need to purchase one jig for every GST-9 frame you plan to build. Frame rails are ONLY included with the jig, not with the 80% lower itself.

How easy is it to build? Check out the instruction manual and see for yourself!

Shipping Restrictions: This item is restricted from shipping to New Jersey, Hawaii, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Washington D.C.

Because the GST-9 is not a firearm, in most cases, it is currently legal to purchase and own an unfinished frame in California. California law prohibits building an off-roster handgun as well as a homebuilt firearm that does not contain an integral 3.7 oz piece of stainless steel. If you are purchasing a GST-9 that ships to California, you certify that you have a law-enforcement exemption, or intend to build and maintain the product outside of the state.

Additional information

Frame Color:

Black, Flat dark Earth, OD Green

Slide Color:

Black, Flat Dark Earth


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