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  • SS80 80% LOWER


    Now is your best time to purchase the SS80 lower.

    Federal law states that you can build a firearm for personal use. This law has been in effect for years, but one knows when, or if, it will be changed or repealed.

    This do-it-yourself frame accepts Glock 43 factory parts.

    The SS80 is the best lower available. In fact, at this time, it is the only 80% lower available that accept G43 parts. It is a very high quality polymer frame.

    There are a lot of reasons to purchase an 80% lower. We are here to support your choice with the information and parts you need to make it a reality.

    Return Policy: Due to the unique nature of this item, the SS80 lower is non-refundable once it has been modified in any way.

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