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Polymer80 80% Lower Receiver and Jig Kit (LR-308)


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Polymer80 has attacked the AR-10 80% lower with a new, ultralight approach! Introducing the Warrhogg .308 AR-10 Polymer 80% lower, the world’s lightest DPMS-platform .308 lower on the market. This new contender addresses a big problem for AR-15s chambered in .308, and that’s weight.

Lightweight and maneuvrability have always plagued the AR-10 and .308 AR-15 platform, until now. Weighing less than half a pound, the Warrhogg .308 80% lower promises to change the game – but is it strong enough?

Made from weapons-grade polymer!

The Warrhogg AR-10 80% lower is constructed from the same reinforced material that all current-production, off-the-shelf polymer firearms are built from. Polymer80 took the same to repeatedly test and re-develop their polymer lowers until they achieved a unit capable of handling thousands of rounds without failure.

The Warrhogg comes reinforced, ready for battle!

The Warrhogg .308 lower features plenty of reinforcements based on real testing to guarantee reliability. Polymer80 beefed up the buffer tube ring, reinforced the receiver with a solid core, added ribbing across the entire top surface, and developed a no-thread pistol grip mount. Lastly, the mag well has been stiffened, all while retaining a featherweight profile.

For instructions on the Warrhogg, click here.

Warrhogg .308 AR-10 Polymer 80% Lower features:

  •         Weighs less than half a pound!
  •         Includes 80% lower jig
  •         Includes all necessary tooling
  •         Includes pistol grip nut and screw
  •         Reinforced Polymer Construction
  •         Integrated trigger guard
  •         Gripped mag well for ergonomics
  •         Compatible with all 80% lower Jigs
  •         Compatible with DPM Gen 1 Lower Parts Kit
Made in the USA Lifetime Warranty


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